Barbara Tinsdale

This page is dedicated to my late wife, Barbara Tinsdale. She left us way too soon, and we miss her dearly.

Scrolling through your life honey. A great video produced by your loved ones for the ones that loved you.

August 30, 2020

We granted your wish of your ashes being spread in the Black Hills. You are up on Norris Peak Road, about a mile from where you grew up. All your grandchildren made the trip and got to see where you grew up and do a little sightseeing too, enjoying all that nature and the Black Hills provides. Enjoy the video, as we all miss you and think of you all the time.

Turn up your volume as it's a little hard to hear.

January 4, 2021

Ok, so I haven't kept up over the past 7 months, so I'm going to update do this all in one update.

It's been very hard to get things done without you being here to help with the decisions, I had to make. The past few months have been very difficult.